Video URLs for PRECISION MACHINING Videos on YouTube

1. Mill Vice Set-up:

2. Using an Edgefinder:

3. Benchwork Layout

4. Drilling and Tapping

5. Changing Chucks on a Manual Lathe

6. Squaring the Tool Post on a Manual Lathe

7. Changing the RPMs on an Engine Lathe

8. Facing and Turning a Part

9. Changing Tools out on a CNC machine

URLs for Video Repository for OCCUPATIONAL SERVICES on

1. 6 Steps to a Landscape Design Video

2. Elements of Landscape Design Video

3. Finishing a Drywall Joint

4. Floor Stripping Video

5. Hedge Trimmer Safety

6. High Speed Low Speed Buffing

7. How to Mop

8. How to Sweep the Floor

9. Planting Trees and Shrubs

10. Proper Tree Pruning Methods Part 1

11. Proper Tree Pruning Methods Part 2

12. Restroom Cleaning Video

13. Starting and Finishing a Landscape Job

14. Taping and Mudding a Drywall Corner

15. Tips for Dust Mopping Effectively

16. Top Scrub Video

17. Working with Landscape Block Video